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About us


SPHINX is the Swiss reference for pistol manufacturing, producing high-precision handguns for Law Enforcement and Military Communities, as well as for the civilian Sport Shooters and Collectors. For many years, Special Operations Units around the world, continue to place their trust in SPHINX weapons. SPHINX Pistols are the result of the best traditions of Swiss Quality, and unique craftsmanship and experience. Long years of development, production and experience gives each award winning model unique and outstanding performance characteristics, perpetuating the long held reputation of the best and most precise pistols in the world.

SPHINX Vision and Mission Statement

Since 1876, SPHINX Systems SA has led the industry with the highest standards of Swiss precision. Our products blend together the highest quality materials with the latest technology to produce some of the best performing pistols available on the market. Constructed with the precision of Swiss master craftsmen, SPHINX pistols blend the desires of the competitive athlete with the demands of the tactical operator. This artful mix of precision and performance has equipped some of the greatest competition shooters, law enforcement agencies, and military units around the world.


The SPHINX Heritage

In 1876 a Swiss tooling company set out to craft the highest quality precision products in Solothurn, Switzerland. Staying true to its Swiss heritage of quality precision, the company became known as SPHINX, in honor of the Swiss observatory on top of Mt. Jungfraujoch.

SPHINX was relocated to the city of Porrentruy in 1985, where it became SPHINX Engineering SA. Expanding the company’s capabilities for design in tooling as well as other fields. It was here where the first SPHINX semi-automatic pistol was drafted and manufactured. The demand for quality precision firearms led SPHINX Engineering SA to acquire Industrial Technology & Machines AG (ITM) and develop the AT 2000 in 1996, improving upon ITM’s popular CZ75 pattern.

The transition to SPHINX Systems SA came soon after in 1997, and the company relocated to its current home near Interlaken, Switzerland. There the SPHINX Model 3000 was designed and produced, gaining popularity among the competition circuit and the tactical community. In 2010, SPHINX Systems SA joined with KRISS Group, bringing together innovative technology and precision to create the SPHINX SDP series. The SDP series forges together innovation and Swiss precision in a package that delivers both confidence and quality.